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This 140-day cruise for the ‘1% of the 1%’ visits all 7 continents — here’s a look inside the ship, where suites cost up to $240,000 per person
In 2020, cruise company Silversea is kicking off a 140-day luxury cruise that will visit all 7 continents and cost up to $240,000 per person.
White Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee calls the cops on black woman for using the store’s free Wi-Fi without ordering anything
Dunkin' Donuts corporate has since issued an apology to the customer, saying she was not treated with "dignity or respect."
6 expensive things that are totally worth the money
Money well-spent means that you’ve derived some value out of your purchase, but that doesn’t always signify a low cost.
The best travel pillows you can buy
It's hard to get shut-eye during a long flight, but a good travel pillow can help make it a bit easier. These are the best travel pillows you can buy.
An off-duty pilot who attacked an Emirates flight attendant and drunkenly threatened to blow up the plane is headed to jail for a year
The off-duty pilot will spend one year in jail after attacking an Emirates flight attendant and threatening to blow up the plane.
The Leonid meteor shower is peaking this weekend — here’s how to see the stunning annual event
Stargazers can witness the Leonid meteor shower brighten up the sky during the early morning hours of Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18.
Melania Trump’s hotel bill for a one-day trip to Canada cost $174,000
Melania Trump spent $174,000 on hotels she didn't sleep in on a 12-hour trip near Toronto. The hotel bills don't include her staff or logistics teams.
15 cars that changed the world
Our criteria was simple: Was the car a smash hit at the time, historically important, and did it change the game or exert a huge influence?
Newt Gingrich claims a ‘green wave’ of liberal ‘dark money’ is electing a slew of Democrats to California House seats but the numbers tell a different story
Gingrich claimed a "green wave" of "dark money" helped elect Democrat Katie Porter, but those groups spent four times more on her Republican opponent.
A new photo of Princess Eugenie’s reception dress shows that it was designed to show off her back scar
Designer Zac Posen shared a full look at the back of the dress, and it features the same open-back design as her wedding gown.
Mott & Bow’s incredibly comfortable jeans are up to 35% off right now through Black Friday
Mott & Bow has made a name for itself by selling premium jeans at affordable prices. Now the deals are better than ever before on Black Friday.
10 signs and symptoms of arthritis
Arthritis is incredibly common in the US. From joint pain to swollen joints, here are 10 signs you might have the inflammatory condition.