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Giuliani says ‘There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians,’ referencing Trump Tower meeting
President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani said on CNN Sunday that there's "nothing wrong" with a political campaign taking information from Russians.
Sri Lanka has temporarily blocked access to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp after a series of bombings left over 200 dead, fearing the spread of misinformation
Facebook and other social media have played a role in fanning ethnic and religious violence in Sri Lanka and other countries in recent years.
How to get rid of bed bugs and the products you need to do it
If you have a bed bug infestation, here are some of the best methods you can employ to get rid of them in your home.
I bought a house after years of renting in expensive cities, and I’m convinced it was the right move for 3 reasons
Until buying a house, they'd spent most of their adult lives paying high rents for small apartments in expensive US cities.
32 photos of the Queen doing commoner things that will make you chuckle
Queen Elizabeth II may be the longest-reigning monarch in history, but these photos are a reminder that she's just a human being like the rest of us.
How to mute keywords and phrases on Twitter (and avoid spoilers)
Knowing how to mute words on Twitter can be especially vital for avoiding spoilers on popular shows. Here's how to mute on Twitter's app and website.
World leaders including Pope Francis, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama offered their support after Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka claimed hundreds of lives
On Easter Sunday, bomb attacks at Sri Lanka churches and luxury hotels killed at least 297 people and injured more. Here's how world leaders reacted.
I visited NYC’s highest nightclub, a 35th-floor lounge that’s decked out in flowers and looks out onto the Empire State Building. Here’s what it looks like.
The Moxy Chelsea opened its doors to guests in March. Here's an inside look at the hotel's top-floor bar, the highest nightclub in New York City.
Italy’s ‘perma-recession’ could trigger a €2 trillion financial crisis that threatens the eurozone itself
There is no obvious way out of the trap holding the Italian economy back, analysts told Business Insider.
The top 7 shows on Netflix and other streaming services this week
The most in-demand shows to stream this week include Amazon's "Hanna" and Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."
Harrowing photos show devastating aftermath of Sri Lanka Easter bombing attacks that claimed hundreds of lives
Several bomb blasts killed more than 200 and injured at least 450 people at hotels and churches in multiple cities across Sri Lanka Sunday.
Dash cam footage appears to show the horrifying moment a bomb exploded at a church in Sri Lanka’s capital
Many were killed and even more injured at St. Anthony's shrine in the Kochchikade district of Colombo.